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Shauna Armitage Marketing

Hi, I’m Shauna.

My mission is to help early-stage startups scale with effective strategies, creative solutions, and unparalleled integrity by making the most of small budgets for maximum impact.

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“It has been invaluable to have Shauna as a true team member, not just an outside consultant. She takes ownership of marketing, and truly partners with me to do the best we can with limited budget. I think most early stage companies need this. The economics work out well for startups.”

-Kirstan Vandersluis, founder of mCharts


“One of the most valuable things we got from working with Shauna was the creative, out-of-the-box thinking, as well as keen marketing advice, rock-star fund-raising ideas, and excellent communication and management skills. She took a personal interest in our success--offering consistent creative thinking and strategy that was both inspiring and effective.

-Jennifer Camp, Gather Ministries


“Good, bad or great we need results so that we can adjust and keep moving forward. Every startup should have an idea, and Shauna did a very good job at taking all of our ideas and made a realistic plan of what we could accomplish with the bandwidth we had available.”

-Nick Dennis, Co-Founder at fitDEGREE

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