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Hi! I'm Shauna and I am the founder of Making Moxie, a movement for female entrepreneurs looking for insight and community as they grow their own businesses. My business, however, is to help others move past what they think they know and uncover unique strategies for growing the bottom line.

I have two Bachelor's degrees, of which it took me a total four years to receive.... so you can see I'm a pretty motivated and ambitious individual. I worked for several companies as a freelancer, but ultimately realized that kind of arrangement didn't afford me the freedom to truly help brands thrive.

So I started out on my own seeking entrepreneurs and small business owners with open minds and the determination to thrive.

My clients are incredibly important to me, and I develop lifelong bonds with every person and brand I work with. It's these strong relationships that give me true insight into a business' inner workings and allows me to offer unique insights for growth.

The work I do is about creativity and smashing goals business owners didn't even know they had.

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