The Top 5 Business Channels on YouTube

When running a business, it’s essential to continue to learn and grow. Living in the 21st century means we have to spend time learning about new technologies, marketing strategies, and more. A great way to do this is through watching business YouTube channel videos.

There is a plethora of great information on YouTube. You can find pure entertainment, business advice, recipes, and so much more. Spending time watching YouTube videos that give business advice, motivation, and more are a great way to continue to absorb new knowledge and learn new things!

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the top five business channels on YouTube and how each one can help you learn more about running your business to set you on the fast track to success. So, let’s get started!

1.     Gary Vaynerchuk

“Gary Vee” is pretty well known in the business world. His trademark “no filter” dialogue is known for cutting the crap and getting to the truth. His YouTube channel provides a wealth of information that he’s learned from building multiple businesses.

Gary offers life advice, cutting edge marketing strategies, and fantastic tips for startups. You can find five-minute videos or hour-long keynotes on his channel. I recommend taking advantage of those keynotes that people probably paid hundreds of dollars to see live.

2.     Ryan Serhant

If you’ve ever watched Million Dollar Listing New York, you know this guy. Ryan Serhant is a real estate expert who has built his agency into a multi-million-dollar company. Ryan’s upbeat spirit and motivational talks are inspiring no matter what industry you’re in.

He’s got great advice for sales, productivity, habits, and more. You’ll enjoy learning lessons from his vlog-style videos that follow him around his regular life in Manhattan. Learning about his business and successes will also motivate you to win every day!

3.     Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an authentic voice in the business YouTube community. Her videos stand out to me because she has a unique way of delivering her message to her audience. She mixes business and life advice throughout her channel while also hosting incredible guests open to sharing their stories.

Forleo’s channel is a well-rounded hub for inspirational stories that will get your gears moving no matter what you’re trying to learn! I enjoy watching Forleo give her best advice on tons of different topics across her channel.

4.     TED

This one might be obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you aren’t subscribed to the TEDtalks channel, you need to be! There is a wealth of information on hundreds of different topics on the TED YouTube channel. No matter what advice or information you need, TED has it.

You can find hundreds of informational videos that include business advice, marketing tactics, and investment suggestions. You can also learn about how to be more productive, use the Law of Attraction, or handle your money better. TED is an easy channel to run to when you need advice on anything, so subscribe to them and start learning!

5.     Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a business mogul who has built multiple multi-million-dollar companies across multiple different industries. His channel provides a ton of information for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Bedros dives into how to start your business, build your influence, and stand out from the crowd among other topics.

Bedros’ strong presence and killer delivery makes him a powerhouse of business information. His history of building incredible businesses gives him the credibility to spread the advice and tips you really need to build a successful business.

Get Watching

YouTube has billions of hours’ worth of footage available to help you run a strong business. All you have to do is find the information you need right now. Aside from these channels, if you have questions about a specific topic, try typing it into the YouTube search bar instead of Google. You’d be surprised how beneficial it is to sit down, watch a video, and take notes. It’s truly like sitting down at a huge success conference, minus the pricey tickets.

So, sit back, relax, and absorb tons of new information that will help you build, scale, and grow your business into the company you’ve always dreamed it could be with the help of a few the best business Youtube channels.

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Meet the Author: Holly Hickman

Holly Hickman is a Kennesaw State University graduate who has worked with a myriad of clients in e-commerce, Saas, hospitality, non-profits, and more to grow their companies with smart digital marketing strategy. She specializes in content marketing and has a keen eye for language and messaging while focusing heavily on SEO.  

Holly is also passionate about health and fitness spending her time outside the office as a full-time bikini competitor and competitive powerlifter. She is also the Founder and CEO of HollyLolly, an athletic apparel company helping women feel bad-ass and confident in the gym whether they’ve been an athlete all their life or are just beginning their fitness journey. You can connect with her on Instagram @holly_hickman. 

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