What Is Email Marketing?


Many times in recent years, there has been the cry that email is dead. This usually comes from someone with something to sell on how to use something like social media, or Facebook Messenger, or push notifications to make money and build a business.  

Yes, it's true that almost everyone gets too many email nowadays. Email open rates have also dropped. However, email marketing is still the absolute best way to make money and grow a business. Why? Because it’s the best way to own your assets and build rapport with your audience.

Pay attention to how many sites are trying, in some way, to get you on their email list so they can market to you. Why do you think that is? Most likely because email marketing really works.

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is simply marketing a business to leads and customers via email. I know, that part may seem obvious. So let's break it down in a little more detail.

Email marketing allows you to connect with potential customers, warm leads. Leads who have already expressed interest in your business by asking to be put on your email list. You can share useful and relevant information, educate them on your products, help them solve problems and build deeper relationships with your email list then you could if they hadn’t decided to opt in.

Email marketing is all about building relationships in the hardest way possible: on the worldwide web. Building relationships online, with no actual human interaction takes skill and finesse. Building relationships based on your story, on your value, on your copywriting, these are the relationships that can turn into more sales later on.

It costs a lot more money to market to people that may not even know you—your company or your products—than it does to send an email to people that are already interested in your brand. Makes sense, right?

The first step toward successful email marketing is undoubtedly an epic lead magnet.

What’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is simply something you offer your prospect in exchange for their email address. When working on your own lead magnet, think about what’s appealed to you in the past… Checklists? Workbooks? Webinars? Whatever you do, make your lead magnet actionable.

Now think about what your audience truly needs to uplevel. Create it for them. You can easily engage and convert a prospect if you speak straight to their pain points. Once you have that lead, you can begin to nurture them.

Emails actually convert

MarketingSherpa.com says that 72% of consumers prefer email when it comes to business communication., with a whopping 61% of consumers actually looking forward to promotional emails.

Well, there’s a reason that so many businesses rely on email to sell their products or services: it’s incredibly effective.

Just offering up your email already implies a certain level of trust. At the very least, supplying a company with your email means that you’re truly interested in learning more. So it’s not a surprise that, according to Smartinsights.com, conversion rates are much higher with email than with social media or search. We can assume this is true because your email is full of warm leads.

Yes, email marketing is for all kinds of different companies. Even content-oriented websites use email marketing to drive visitors back to their sites. Other types of online marketing, such as Facebook or Google ads, are much more complicated to use when trying to make a direct sale because “they” say that a customer needs to see your brand 7 times before buying from you.

So if you’ve got someone on your email list, you can easily knock out those seven touchpoints with educational content, genuine conversation, and other communications that bring genuine connection and trust—then make the sale.


Simply put, email marketing is the most effective way to increase sales and revenue. CampaignMonitor.com says that, on average, every $1 spent on email marketing returns $44 in revenue.

The point is, no other kind of online marketing comes close to the returns seen from email marketing. And email marketing isn't going away anytime soon. If you aren't already using email marketing in your business, you need to start doing so today because email marketing most definitely isn’t dead; you’ve just got to learn how to best make it work for your brand.

Meet the Author: Shauna Armitage

Shauna is a Marketing Director or Fractional CMO helping early-stage startups scale with effective strategies, creative solutions, and unparalleled integrity by making the most of small budgets for maximum impact.

As a vocal advocate for women in business, Shauna is on a mission to redefine what it looks like to be a working woman and to support other women doing the same. She spends her free time traveling with her husband and four kids while drinking Coca-Colas. Connect with her on Instagram at @shauna.armitage.

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