Why You Need Hotjar For Your Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about sharing the right message with the right person at the right time. That sounds a lot easier than it actually is. While we know of lots of ways to reach people—websites, SEO, social media, etc.—it’s not always easy to determine if what we’re doing on each platform is effective. So how do we figure it out? We test things and then we optimize!

The key to smart testing is to try changing one thing at a time. (Like imagery or messaging or calls-to-action.) Then, run another test! While this process is never going to go away, you could save a ton of time if you could actually see the actions your leads were taking….

And with Hotjar, you can.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a digital marketing tool that allows you to visualize the behavior of your users and even get their feedback on what you’re doing with your digital marketing. This tool is a gamechanger for marketers or anyone managing their company’s marketing because it gives an unprecedented amount of insight into the actual user experience.

The more we know about our users, what they like or dislike, and ultimately their behaviors, the more we can optimize our digital marketing assets and improve acquisition costs.

What does Hotjar do?

Hotjar has a ton of features, but the ones I use most regularly as a marketer include:

  • Heatmaps. These use the hot/cold method to light up your site showing how far users are scrolling on each page and where they’re clicking. This information shows you exactly what is piquing interest, what CTAs are most effective, and more.

  • Visitor recordings. Have you ever wondered the mental process a visitor on your website might go through as they look at all the options available to them? Well, now you can watch it! These recordings show you, in real time, how a visitor is moving around your website. It’ll give you great insight into the user experience so you can optimize it.

  • Conversion funnels. Because Hotjar is tracking user behavior on your website, it’s going to know where those behaviors stop. Are people clicking away after visiting your homepage? Or is it the pricing page that’s got them running scared? Get the data that shows them moving through the funnel and identify the spots where they’re most likely to leave your funnel—and then fix them.

Hotjar also allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of forms, run surveys, recruit test users, and get real-time feedback from users on your site with some of their other functionality.


As marketers, we always want more data because the more we know, the more effective we can be. Hotjar gives us a ton of really valuable information that we can, in turn, use to create better customer experiences. Hotjar has several affordable pricing options that scale up as your website traffic grows. It can also be a free solution if you stay under a certain amount of visitors per month on your site and only track a few website pages. Even the free version is an incredibly valuable tool. Hotjar is an essential software for any company looking to make the most of their digital marketing efforts.


Meet the Author: Shauna Armitage

Shauna is a Marketing Director or Fractional CMO helping early-stage startups scale with effective strategies, creative solutions, and unparalleled integrity by making the most of small budgets for maximum impact.

As a vocal advocate for women in business, Shauna is on a mission to redefine what it looks like to be a working woman and to support other women doing the same. She spends her free time traveling with her husband and four kids while drinking Coca-Colas. Connect with her on Instagram at @shauna.armitage.

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