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Shauna Armitage is a fractional CMO or Marketing Director for early-stage startups working closely with brand leaders on marketing strategy while guiding them on execution and accountability. She helps these brands scale by making the largest impact possible with big ideas and small budgets.

As a vocal advocate for women in business, Shauna is on a mission to redefine what it looks like to be a working woman and to support other women in doing the same. She’s teaching founders how to own their brand, reach their audience, and scale their startups through holistic growth strategy.

Long Media Bio

Shauna Armitage is an entrepreneur-by-accident, having stumbled into business ownership after realizing that working in a digital agency wasn’t right for her. That entire experience—from onboarding new client after new client to building strategies that tried to fit a square peg in a round hole—left a bad taste in her mouth. Startups needed and deserved better. She realized there had to be a better way to support the marketing efforts of emerging brands with integrity and effectiveness.

She set out to find the middle ground between marketing consultant and marketing agency, coming on board as fractional CMO for early-stage startups so she could be a team member truly invested in the success of each brand.

Through deep relationships and a thorough understanding of a brand's goals, Shauna has helped her clients achieve things like 400% increase in website conversions and a 220% growth in sales.

Shauna is also the mother of four tiny humans, has been married to a pretty cool guy for more than ten years, and spends her days immersed in marketing initiatives of all kinds for her clients who are in different locations all across the US. She indulges in per passion for travel as much as work and motherhood will allow and takes great joy in exploring the world with her brood. It’s not usual to find her in a McDonald’s chowing down on french fries and free WIFI during the day and drinking a glass of red wine at her computer after the kids are in bed at night.


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If you’re interested in booking Shauna Armitage as a speaker for your Live Events and Summits or as a Podcast Guest, please email and send your pitch sheet. You’ll be contacted within 48 hours for a follow up.


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